Posted on 8/21/2019

Instructions for survival

🗣 How to create your new site

This here that you are reading is a Glitch project, so to create your own site that is identical, you just have to remix this. You can click this! Remix on Glitch

📝 Add new posts

All posts live in src/. There are 3 posts in this sample project:

To create a new post, duplicate, and start writing! This should automatically redeploy your site! If you need to force a redeploy, just "fake edit" a post (add a space, remove a space). That will definitely trigger a rebuild!

👩‍🎨 Customize it

This site is written using eleventy, which is a static site generator. The docs are pretty helpful, but the TL; DR is:

💍 Webring

Webrings are websites linked together. You know, your internet friends. We use Glitch collections to add your friends' sites to your webring.

  1. Create a Glitch collection
  2. Add its name to src/_data/siteData.json, in the "collection" field. For example, the collection we're using in this sample is at, so we added "collection": "notwaldorf/frands" to the config file.
  3. Start adding projects to that collection!
  4. That's it! The projects will be automatically populated (if you're interested, that code is here)

👩‍⚕️ Help! I've added a site to my collection but it doesn't show up in the webring

Your site is static -- it only gets redeployed when you make changes to it (like adding a new post). When you add a project to your Glitch collection, your site won't really pick it up until you rebuild it -- so just "fake edit" as described above!